Commercial Services

Glacier Helicopters has undertaken a variety of commercial work in the past. With a fleet of modern AS350 Squirrels and highly experienced pilots, we are able to offer a tailored solution to your needs.

Examples of previous commercial work undertaken include:


We have crop drying and frost protection services available.


Glacier Helicopter pilots are skilled in getting the helicopters in the perfect position at that perfect location, all for the perfect shot. For stabilised camera systems, the helicopters have been fitted with multiple anchor points.


Our previous experience in heavy lifting commercial work ensures exact placement of various heavy loads. We have worked with steel, concrete, building materials and general cargo.


We offer a diverse list of roll equipment, including:
-Cargo Nets
-Fire Fighting – Monsoon Buckets 500 litres, 1,000 litres
-CDAX Foam/Fire Suppression kits
-Lifting Strops/Long Line
-External mountain bike racks
-Fuel tanker trailers
-Fuel Trucks
-External camera mounts
-Concrete buckets – capacity .33cu metre

To discuss your commercial needs and to obtain a competitive price, please contact our experienced team:

0800 800 732 or 03 752 0755