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Fox Glacier Discover the wonders of ice formations by helicopter.

Fox Glacier is located in the Westland Tai Poutini National Park and takes its name from Sir William Fox, who visited the Glacier as Prime Minister of New Zealand in 1872.

It is one of the few Glaciers in the world which exists in such close proximity to both an ocean and a rainforest. The unique setting of Fox Glacier and speed of the ice-flow (up to 3 metres per day in places) make for some of the most dynamic ice formations of any glacier.

Our scenic flights depart on-demand. We operate daily from about 8am-6pm, depending on weather and seasonal conditions.
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Fox Glacier Snow Landing

Flight Tour 302

Departs Fox Glacier
Duration 20 min
$245 per adult

Take to the skies above the Fox Glacier Township before heading towards the Fox Glacier and exploring the dynamic icefalls.  A snow-landing above the glacier allows you to set foot on a largely inaccessible area and breathe in the pristine alpine air as the majesty of the landscape surrounds you.

Fox and Franz Josef Twin Glacier, with Snow Landing

Flight Tour 303

Departs Fox Glacier
Duration 30 min
$315 per adult

Twice the ice! Explore the glacial icefalls of not one but two glaciers - Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier. Discover up close their neves and unusual ice formations. Landing on the snowfields is a highlight and will make for superb photos, snowballs and memories.

Fox Glacier to Mount Cook

Flight Tour 304

Departs Fox Glacier
Duration 30 min
$315 per adult

Imagine flying the entire length of the Fox Glacier, then soaring against the west face of Aoraki/Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest peak. There's time for a glacier snow landing before descending the Glacier valley and returning to the Fox township with a camera full of photos and more than a few memories.

Mount Cook Spectacular with Glacier Landing

Flight Tour 306

Departs Fox Glacier
Duration 40 min

$460 per adult

The ultimate glacial experience - this flight tour covers it all! Glacial icefalls, crevasses and neves, views from ocean to Alps – you get to see both glaciers and NZ’s highest peak. Cross the spine of the Southern Alps and circle the top of magnificent Aoraki/Mount Cook. Topped off with a spectacular snow landing, this is the best helicopter experience on the West Coast!

Glacier Helicopters Franz Josef and Fox